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In The Faithful Spy, John Wells became the only American CIA agent ever to penetrate al-Qaeda, but his handlers became distrustful of him, and he of them. He had to stop a devastating terrorist attack nearly alone.

Now Wells is back in Washington. HIs wounds have healed, but his mind is far from clear. He is restless, uneasy in his skin, and careless with his safety. When the CIA finds evidence of a surge in Taliban activity, backed by an unknown foreign power, it takes little to convince Wells to return to Afghanistan to investigate. But what he discovers there is far from what he expected.

Real-world threats, authentic details, a scenario as dramatic as it is plausible — The Ghost War is another "timely reminder of the extremely precarious way we live now" (The Washington Post).

"A tautly paced, credible, and gripping scenario guaranteed to buttress Berenson's niche as one of the stars in the suspense firmament." — Library Journal

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"Terrific and relentless suspense and action" – Kirkus Reviews

"John Wells confronts a very different threat in this pulse-pounding sequel"
– Publishers Weekly

"A great espionage thriller" – Harriet Klausner, the top-ranked reviewer at

The only American ever to crack al Qaeda, John Wells has been undercover so long that the CIA is no longer sure he’s loyal – or even alive. Now, on the orders of Omar Khadri – the mastermind spearheading al Qaeda’s attacks on America – Wells is coming home. And neither Khadri nor Jennifer Exley, Wells’s boss at Langley, knows what to expect.

During his years in the mountains, Wells has become a Muslim and begun to doubt the American Agenda. He is a man alone, and the CIA is unable to trust him. Only Exley believes in him. But as Khadri moves closer to unleashing the most devastating terrorist attack in history, Wells and Exley know they must stop him, with or without the CIA’s approval.

"One of the best spy stories ever told. The Faithful Spy is a meticulous portrait of the real and horrifying challenges that await us." – William Stevenson, The Wall Street Journal


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